Pet insurance: what are the important points to consider?

What is the benefit of pet insurance?

In France, we are very fortunate to benefit from the advantages of Social Security, which covers many of our health costs. A system that allows us to stay healthy without spending astronomical sums for it, because health must be accessible to everyone, regardless of class. However, when it comes to pets, things are a little different. To prevent costs related to animal care, it is strongly recommended to take out insurance dedicated to this. Depending on the offers, you can find insurance that reimburses all the medical costs of your animals. A very interesting alternative, especially if you own a pet frail health. You still have to be careful, because not all health problems are necessarily covered by insurance, such as rare diseases or certain accidents.

What should be taken into account to choose the right insurance for your animal?

Most pet insurance companies usually offer several packages to customers, so that they can find what is best for the health of their pets. Thus, all the offers will not necessarily correspond to your little beast and its needs. So be sure to find out beforehand about the breed of your animal and the health problems it may suffer from, although of course, there is no exact science on this subject. For example, if you are looking for cat insurance, the coverage will necessarily be different from that of a dog.

It is also necessary to fully understand the price differences between the offers that you can find. Indeed, they can be explained by some nuances in the clauses, which are not necessarily conspicuous if you do not pay attention to them. These are sometimes complicated terms that can therefore go completely unnoticed by people who do not pay enough attention to them.

You should also know that pet insurance is not compulsory, which is why very few people have it. Even fewer of them are aware of their existence. However, they can be very useful, especially when you know the sometimes exorbitant prices of animal care.

Be careful, however, it is necessary to take into account the waiting periods imposed by certain organizations. This is a period which runs from the conclusion of the contract and during which no reimbursement is made. This period varies according to the organizations, but also according to the care itself.

How to properly reward your dog?

The interest of the reward

Dog masters still too often tend to educate them through punishment. However, it is important to remember that the dog is an opportunistic animal, which will therefore more easily retain situations that are beneficial to him. It is for this reason that it is essential to reward good behavior rather than punish bad ones. In this way, he will understand on his own that he has every interest in adopting them in the future. Conversely, by reacting with punishment and negativity, the animal will only have an unpleasant feeling that will push it eventually and probably after a while, to avoid certain behaviors. An alternative which therefore favors fear and which places the dog’s well-being in the background. Now this is the best way to reward your dog by putting their meal in paw cleaner cup.

How to reward your dog so that he learns from it?

The very principle of the reward is simply to encourage a behavior, and this can be done in different ways:

Verbal reward, which requires the handler to adopt different intonations of voice in order to make the animal understand that what it did, was right. For this, it is recommended to go up in the treble.

The greedy reward, which consists of giving a small treat to your animal to congratulate it. To find these delicious little bites, you can turn to a pet wholesaler, where you will probably find a wide choice if you are a professional.

The reward through play, which is not necessarily suitable for all contexts and in particular for dogs that have difficulty channeling their energy. However, it is ideal for those who are in the process of understanding the principle of reward.

Finally, it is essential to respect certain timing when it comes to rewarding a dog. It is indeed an animal that lives in the present, so there is no point in rewarding it one or two hours after an action. In this case, he may simply not understand the purpose of this reward, which will then have absolutely no impact on his behavior.